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Patient's Premier Evolving with the Industry

New Beginnings

I moved to Austin, Texas in November of 2020. PPC’s Operations Supervisor, Shannon, is currently upskilling to become a registered nurse. So, I’ve jumped in to ease the load in the wake of her absence. With my "less-direct" experience in home health care and marketing comes an unorthodox perspective to improve the company and embolden our vision.


PPC proudly touts our survival of the home health “purge of 2016”. Yes, Patient’s Premier Choice is still standing to bridge the gap between nurses and the community's needs!

That being said, finding nurses to provide quality private duty nursing is still a daunting task. The fact remains families are championing us to find them dedicated and compassionate nurses. PPC needed to evolve to continue providing quality care.

As an uncle of a special needs child, this is not a fight I take lightly.

We are a “Prized Fighter” and we needed to look like The Family’s Champion.

The Identity

Collectively we had a benevolent atmosphere, but as it turns out when we collaborated it became apparent. This proud company has out matured its previous branding. We needed something more seductive to influence nurses to come aboard. We had to think of revisiting PPC’s brand and taking into account all of the innovative projects that are currently being nurtured by PPC. So, the question then is How do we transform into something new, yet keep our vision?

Rebranding: The New Chapter

We needed to commission a professional to provide us expert input and design. Entering the team was Jennifer Tu, multimedia graphic designer and brand strategist.

So, without further delay, I will narrate the symbolism of PPC’s rebrand:

  • The “Heart” is intentionally centered in the logo to portray how valued the patient is.

  • The red pinstripes represent the patient's family. Each pillar holds significance.

  • The blue pinstripes represent Patient’s Premier Choice–present each step of the way.

See “Our Mission” for the full definition.

The rebrand successfully visualizes the direction PPC is moving towards; a home health agency creating innovation through the services we provide while not compromising our original vision of making the patient the heart of why we do what we do.

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