-Linh Tu, mother, CEO of Patient's Premier Choice, and advocate to my daughter


"I share Jaelin's story with you, as she is the inspiration for the

creation of our company"

Jaelin's Story

                    I will never forget the day Jaelin was born, as I held the most beautiful baby girl I had ever seen.  As I looked at her beautiful face, I realized I was holding someone I would love for the rest of my life.  Not too long after Jaelin's birth, my world was rocked by the news that my sweet baby girl had Down's Syndrome. 

                    Once Jaelin was learning to walk as a toddler, she fell down, as children typically do when learning to walk.  Shorthly thereafter, she began to seize on a regular basis.  I took my child to numerous physician's, and imaging was ordered on her brain. At this time I was told that there was nothing wrong and that my sweet Jaelin must have epilepsy. The doctors prescribed medication, but as the weeks progressed, she continued to decline. 

                    One night, I rushed her into the ER at which time the neurosurgeons on staff at the hospital discovered she had a sublaxation of the C1-C2 vertebrae.  The doctors told me that my child would never walk again, sit-up on her own again, or even eat on her own again.  After this shattering news, I was determined that from that day forward my child would improve, and in order to do so, I would have to be her advocate. After traveling to another city to ensure Jaelin received the best possible therapy and medical care, I was now home with my child, g-buttoned and trached.  Now began the battle of fighting to ensure my baby had around the clock nursing care. 

                    Through this journey, I became a "nurse", a "lawyer" and had to continue my role as a mother.  Jaelin is now 8 years old, walks on her walker, sits up and feeds herself, plays on the floor, and just began attending school this year.  As a mother who went through the nightmare of fighting for his precious child's life with no advocate but myself, I was determined to help other parents so that they did not have to endure the same painful journey I did.  So here we are today... I opened an agency that I personally will oversee to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care available.  We are the advocate for you and your child.  I want to personally thank you for reading Jaelin's story and for choosing Patient's Premier Choice, as I know you will be pleased with our services.  I wish each of your children a speedy recovery and a healthy future!


1508 Dessau Ridge Ln. 

Unit 203 

Austin, TX 78754


Phone: 1-855-905-0222





Email: Info@patientspremierchoice.com

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